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Citizens of the World

For some people, there are no borders. They're always at their best no matter where in the world they are; from LA to Barcelona, Shanghai to San Paulo or Cape Town to Stockholm. They live, love and pursue happiness wherever they happen to be, experiencing every moment. Enjoying life to the extreme. Without compromise, but with a strong sense of character. That's a real individual – that's a Citizen of the World.

From the inside out

We believe that t-shirts shouldn't only reflect good looks, but that they should also reflect the character of their wearer – their style, their mood, their sense of humour. That's why we've created a series of designs that mean something to everyone – and that everyone understands. That's cool.

A quality concept

You're worth the best, and the best is definitely different. Our concept is all about individuality and quality. The soft and light cotton is elastic and follows the shape and form of your body. The design applications are soft and the colour combinations are carefully chosen. The t-shirts breathe good looks no matter if they’re matched with leggings or jeans, worn under a jacket or coat or with nothing else on at all. You'll always be the star.

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